Subject: Re: boot netbsd on a 486SLC2/66
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Brian de Alwis <bdealwis@Newbridge.COM>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/13/1995 09:32:43
> I recently turned by 386/33 into a 486slc2/66 .. I would say that it
> is great except that I seem to be having difficulties getting NetBSD
> to run on it.
> It boots just fine, detects all my devices and such, and even attempts
> to boot, but it doesn't get very far. Starting in single-user mode, it
> gives the prompt about the shell to run, but once the shell is
> started, after a couple of seconds or less it traps and goes to ddb.
> Here is the output, copied from my markerboard on the wall:
> My system:
> 	486slc2/66, XC87-33 co-proc, 8mb, 64k cache
> 	motherboard: alaris, AMIBIOS
> The other hardware isn't relevant, as I pulled out all the cards
> except the video and a sIDE board and booted from a floppy for the
> above test.

It's somewhat good to hear that I'm not the only one suffering from
these problems. I have a 486slc2/66 too, with identical problems.

There was a change made somewhere in mid-August, after 1.0, that broke
something. I tried to track it (by diff'ing 1.0 vs the earliest
tar balls which broke), but there were far too many changes.

cgd started to help track down the problem. I suggested to cgd that
we try backtracking source to that August, but he never responded.
And since 1.0 seemed to work fine, I just stuck with that.

> Any ideas on how to proceed or what to check would be most
> appreciated. I keep coming back to the familar phrase "It SHOULD
> work.. why doesn't it?" :)

This is with the latest -current? That's a pity; I was hoping the
problem may have been fixed with the latest slew of i386 changes.

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