Subject: Re: MSDOS Filesystems
To: None <>
From: mark thompson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/09/1995 16:50:46
At 12:23 PM 3/8/95, Jeff Kreska wrote:
>Has anyone else noticed that if you mount a hard disk that has the FAT
>filesystem on it, any writes you do the FAT filesystem will be corrupt.
>The floppy code works just fine.  I don't understand what the difference could
>Any ideas....

Actually, the floppy code is not 'just fine'. My experience is if you leave
the thing mounted long enough, and do a lot of work (say... for example, develop
software, doing a lot of saves, etc. Eventually your floppy will be corrupted,

If it fails faster with your hard disk, maybe that is a good test case to fix