Subject: DOOM and bt946c disagree in current?
To: NetBSD i386 <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/08/1995 14:46:21
Has anyone else seen something like this:

Mar  4 02:22:20 beavis /netbsd: bt0: host_stat 30
Mar  4 02:22:20 beavis last message repeated 102 times

The messages appear semi-randomly, mostly when running DOOM but also
when doing several parallell compilations and other disk intensive work.

As I get the messages, programs start dumping core, like sendmail and
syslogd, other programs complain about "input/output error" and all
sorts of weird stuff happens.

This all began when I supped and rebuilt everything last week to get

The previous system, -current as of Feb. 7th, worked without
problems. The same thing happens on two identical machines (and
-current as of this Sunday): Pentium60 PCI, 32MB, bt946c, 3c509,
Mach32. This hardware have been rock solid tracking current since last

Any hints on how I should debug this? I'll supply more info if you
just tell me what.

	-- Urban Boquist

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