Subject: Re: XF86 question
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/07/1995 08:09:34
> > XFree86 Version 3.1 / X Window System
> > (protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6000)
> > Operating System: NetBSD 1.0_BETA 

> > (--) SVGA: There is no mode definition named "320x200"
> > (--) SVGA: Removing mode "320x200" from list of valid modes.

>Yes... The builtin mode for 320x200 was added in XFree86 3.1.1. 

Oh, I am so embarassed.  It seems that the X server was the one thing I
didn't extract from the 3.1.1 tars.  As it turns out, though, 320x200
still didn't work without a modeline -- however, the "doublescan" keyword
now (of course) works.  Thanks.