Subject: pccons.non-us-kbd updated
To: None <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/22/1994 12:00:28

I've updated my patch to pccons.c that support non-us keyboard. For
now french, german and norvegian keyboards are included.

It's available from  I
also provide the resulting patched file in pccons.non-us.kbd.c.

Main features:

1. Characters are displayed using the  ISO-8859-1 encoding.
2. The 'AltGr' keymap is added to gain acces to national characters.

Key maps are not programmable at run-time. You'll need pcvt for that.

To use it, just replace pccons.c by the patched version, add 'option
FRENCH_KBD' (or GERMAN_KBD ou NORVEGIAN_KBD) to your kernel config
file, re-run, make depend & make the new kernel, install it
and reboot.

To add your own map:

1. Choose an option name (for example ACME_KBD) 
2. At the beginning of pcccons.c add ''|| defined(ACME_KBD)'' after
   #if defined(FRENCH_KBD) to enable NONUS_KBD and DISPLAY_ISO8859
3. Look for 'XXXX Add tables' to see where to add your table. For
   non-us keyboards the struct scan_def as one more field to hold the
   Alt-GR map. Insert you definition of the scan_codes[] array between
   a set of #ifdef ACME_KBD .. #endif.
4. Add 'option ACME_KBD' to your kernel config file and rebuild your
5. Reboot.