Subject: pcvt beta 7 announcement
To: None <>
From: Hellmuth Michaelis <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/20/1994 22:17:40
      This is to announce a new beta test cycle for pcvt 3.20 beta 7.

Pcvt is a video/keyboard driver for i386-based NetBSD (0.9, 1.0 and -current)
                and for FreeBSD (1.0, 1.1R, and 2.0).

Pcvt has almost full VT220 compatibility, supports national keyboard remapping,
24/25/28/40/50 lines and 80/132 columns and a configurable number of virtual
screens for character terminal and X11 sessions. It comes with a complete set
of fonts, utilities and documentation for easy integration into the above
mentioned systems.

Please test the now present support for NetBSD 1.0 and FreeBSD 2.0 !

[Joerg Wunsch made patches for FreeBSD 2.0 which i integrated into my tree but
 since i still don't have FreeBSD 2.0 i could not verify the integration. Any
 feedback from people getting this beta running on their FreeBSD 2.0 System
 (or even 2.0.5 :-) is very welcome!!!]

New in beta 7 since beta 2 is
        - support for NetBSD 1.0 (and -current)
        - support for FreeBSD 2.0
        - the screen is no longer cleared when booting, the boot messages
          are preserved
	- the screen is no longer cleared when switching screen size
	- bugfixes and enhancements, see Doc/ChangeLog

pcvt 3.20 beta 7 can be found on:

        Directory:   pub/incoming
        File:        pcvt-320b7.tar.gz
        Size:        279929 Bytes

	Note: the file is invisible!

        (Thanks to Thomas Gellekum and Christoph Kukulies !)

Please report any bugs, suggestions, fixes and diffs to

Thank you,
Hellmuth Michaelis    HCS Hanseatischer Computerservice GmbH    Hamburg, Europe
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