Subject: Re: PA-RISC mach4/Lites/4.4-lite snapshot available
To: Jay Lepreau <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/19/1994 17:10:37
>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Lepreau <> writes:

    Jay> I am pleased to announce that entirely freely distributable
    Jay> code (with one exception) for a complete Mach/Lites Unix
    Jay> server/4.4-lite system for the PA-RISC hp700 platform is
    Jay> available by anonymous ftp from Utah.

I want to use Mach on a Pentium PC with NCR53C810 PCI SCSI controller.
I grabbed your source and found what I think is a driver for the 
NCR53C700 under mach4/mach4-parisc/kernel/hpsgc/scsi_ncr53c700.c.
I heared that the 53c810 essentially supports a superset of the 53c700
SCRIPTS commands. Would that indicate that I could use the 5xc700
driver for the 53c810?

Who wrote that driver (HP themselves?)?

Why does the driver live under the mach4-parisc hierarchy?
The normal place would seem to be mach4/mach4/kernel/scsi/adapters?!

Can I just rip out the scsi_ncr53c700.{c,script} and use them for the
PC port?

Where should I place them? 

What else would I need?

Should I rather try to use the 53c810 driver for NetBSD/FreeBSD?

Any other comments?


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