Subject: Re: 80?86 asm books? / BIOS emu?
To: Bob Kemp <>
From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/13/1994 21:59:43
/ Does any one know of a _good_ book on the 386/486/pentium instruction set?
/ Most books seem to assume you're using DOS but I want info on _protected_
/ mode, etc and the only books I've found are now out of print.
/ Also, is anyone working on a DOS/BIOS emulator for NetBSD?  I know
/ of the 8086 instruction set emulators (eg pcemu) but am more interested
/ in something that executes native where possible, like the Linux
/ dosemu.

The Turbo Assembler reference book is good for the instructions
but of course that only comes with Borland Compilers.  Might want
to ask those on alt.books.technical or alt.lang.asm.  There's also
a new comp.lang 386 asm group but can't remember it offhand.

Of course, the PC Interrupts by Brown & Kyle from Addison Wesley
has the best description for BIOS & 3rd party hardware irq's.
Contains DOS too but I try to ignore that section.  :)

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