Subject: Re: strange NFS behavior
To: Charles M. Hannum <mycroft@gnu.AI.MIT.EDU>
From: None <William_Bardwell@VEGA.FAC.CS.CMU.EDU>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/09/1994 21:33:14
In message <> you write:
>   (ie 4k instead of 8k(do rsize=4096,wszie=4096)) but someone seems to have
>   broken/turned the nfs options off on NetBSD 1.0...
>No; the syntax changed in 4.4-Lite.  It's now `-r4096,-w4096'.
>Whether or not this is an improvement depends on your point of view, I
Ugh...gratuitous change...why doesn't is also support the old still lets you try to do -o...

Hum, found that in the man page now, I must always
have stoped after finding nothing in the mount man page before...
...(I like how -r in mount_nfs conflicts with -r in regular mount...)

P.S. thanks...we have a mess of 3c503s around here, and I had
been resorting to ftp to boot strap systems, when I wanted to use
William Bardwell