Subject: Trouble with AHA driver on Compaq ProSigma?
To: None <,>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/01/1994 14:35:37
I've been having trouble with the AHA driver on the Compaq ProSigma,
and I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this.   I think this is the
problem that was causing the GENERICAHA kernel to panic before, but I
wasn't able to tell then because the error scrolled by so quickly.
Thanks to Ken Hornstein, who built a GENERICAHA+DDB kernel for me
without even being asked and mailed it to me (he did ask about that
first :') I am now being dumped into DDB instead of getting a panic.
Here's what it says:

sd0(aha0:0:0): timed out
adapter not taking commands.. frozen?!

Then I get the db> prompt.   If I continue, I get:

sd0(aha0:0:0): timed out AGAIN

and then I either get a bus error (I guess if the error was in swap)
or whatever I was doing continues (presumably with an I/O error).

Several people have exhorted me to turn off the cache, and after some
time on the phone with Compaq, I found out how to do this and did so.
Running with the cache disabled seems to make the problem less
frequent (and the system a *lot* slower), but doesn't make it go away

Anyway, any clues that anybody feels like offering would be welcome...



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