Subject: Re: Error Booting on HP620lx
To: None <port-hpcsh@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Christer O. Andersson <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 12/27/2005 00:38:18
On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 11:20:03PM +0100, Javi wrote:
> Instructions to boot the kernel on the HP620lx (with 2.0 WinCE) using
> the miniroot:
> 1)Grab the installation kernel from:
> It already has the miniroot embedded on it.
> 2)Try to boot the image with hpcboot with the md option checked but
> leave the file field blank, click on Boot, after a few moments it will
> complain about the missing file. (Yes I know, this step seems
> completly useless, but it is a necessary workaround in order to avoid
> a bug that prevents these kernels from being correctly booted.)
> 3) Now check the wd option and click on boot again, It will boot and
> at the end It will detect the miniroot, you can do really few thing
> with this minimal filesystem. But you can for example partition the CF
> card, and if you had some kind of recognized network adapter in the
> PCMCIA you could *in theory* install the whole system without the need
> of a CF reader.
> Christer, a few questions for you. Does the new kernel support power
> management on our machine? With the miniroot halt and reboot commands
> freeze the machine, and the switch off key does nothing.

I think it partially works, or at least is detected:
hpcapm0 at mainbus0: pseudo power management module
apmdev0 at hpcapm0: Power Management spec V1.2

However, I don't think j6x0pwr.c is adjusted for 620lx. This means
that the on/off button doesn't work.

Reboot works, if kloader finds the kernel. My 620 is setup as in
the article with a kernel on the msdos partition with a symlink
from root. If the symlink is missing or the msdos partition isn't
mounted, it won't reboot.

Halt, poweroff and reboot without correct path to kernel results
in a failed reset (I think). The screen goes black, but nothing
more happens. Oh, the kernel terminates normally with syncing disks
and all before blanking the screen. Anyway, it never returns to
winCE without pressing the reset button.

Thanks for the miniroot trick! I will try it on my MC16, which I
have had next to no success at all with so far.

Christer O. Andersson