Subject: Re: Error Booting on HP620lx
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-hpcsh
Date: 12/26/2005 20:21:44
Right on, it works! I got to the command prompt and tested that it was 
recognized and what not. Good news on all fronts!

So now I've got 2 questions, one of which I'm sure is REALLY stupid but 
since I haven't played with BSD in a few years I hope you'll forgive me.

1) (stupid question) Now that i'm at the prompt how do I continue 
installation? I couldn't find it in any of the docs but I'm sure I'm 
missing the obvious

2) since the power button doesn't work, is there a way to "suspend" the 
machine once it's running bsd? The only thing I could get it to do was 
"halt" and that eventually reset my hp620 to the "factory defaults" 
setting where you hvae to configure the stylus, etc... Is there a way to 
make it auto-restart bsd once you reboot the machine if you can't suspend 

Thanks Again

 On Mon, 26 Dec 2005, Javi wrote:

> Instructions to boot the kernel on the HP620lx (with 2.0 WinCE) using
> the miniroot:
> 1)Grab the installation kernel from:
> It already has the miniroot embedded on it.
> 2)Try to boot the image with hpcboot with the md option checked but
> leave the file field blank, click on Boot, after a few moments it will
> complain about the missing file. (Yes I know, this step seems
> completly useless, but it is a necessary workaround in order to avoid
> a bug that prevents these kernels from being correctly booted.)
> 3) Now check the wd option and click on boot again, It will boot and
> at the end It will detect the miniroot, you can do really few thing
> with this minimal filesystem. But you can for example partition the CF
> card, and if you had some kind of recognized network adapter in the
> PCMCIA you could *in theory* install the whole system without the need
> of a CF reader.
> Christer, a few questions for you. Does the new kernel support power
> management on our machine? With the miniroot halt and reboot commands
> freeze the machine, and the switch off key does nothing.