Subject: Re: Installing additional sets manually
To: Uzair Aqeel, esq. <>
From: billy ball <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 07/31/2002 22:17:53
On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Uzair Aqeel, esq. wrote:

> I have a question about the sample .xinitrc you've put
> on your webpage (
> ...great resource for newbies!)


> It seems xpmroot, xosview and rxvt don't exist on my
> system. Am I missing something? If additional
> packages/sets need to be installed, could you tell me
> which ones.

you'll need to grab the extra packages, and then install 'em...

(can't remember what names, but you'll see 'em on the netbsd ftp site 
(look in packages, 1.5.1 - hpcmips)...

i seem to recall that the directory tree on the NetBSD FTP was a bit
confused, at least when i downloaded all the packages a year or so ago...  
i grabbed everything i could (was it out of the sgimips or hpcmips
directories? or was it that the hpcmips directory was symlinked to the
sgimips directory? can't remember - dementia must be setting in), put all
the z50-specific stuff into folders, then burned everything onto three
CD-ROMs - now i don't have to bother the NetBSD folks for downloads, and i
have all the requisite files, config files, and kernels for restoring if
my microdrives crap out...
> Also, a general question: I chose not to install
> comp.tgz but did install xcomp.tgz. I understand that
> xcomp only contains additional X-specific libraries,
> but is there any harm to not installing comp?

no harm in not installing comp... the NetBSD install doc is quite 
specific in labeling those 'base' packages which are required or not... i 
much prefer to use NetBSD on a 340MB microdrive, as everything i need 
fits, and leaves about 110MB free... the 1GB microdrive is kinda overkill, 
as i'll never use all the extra room... (and i *never* use CE on the 

> Thanks again!
> Uzair
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