Subject: Re: rebuild CF card with FAT partition?
To: Jolan Luff <>
From: None <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 07/09/2002 08:45:57
Jolan Luff <> writes:

> > # newfs_msdos /dev/rwd1
> > newfs_msdos: Cannot open `/dev/rwd1': No such file or directory
> > # newfs_msdos /dev/rwd1a
> > newfs_msdos: Cannot open `/dev/rwd1a': Device not configured
> oops. use disklabel to lookup the partition i.d.  if it doesn't have
> one (probable), then create one.

Are you suggesting that I have the device name wrong?  I am sure that
the device can be accessed at /dev/wd1, raw device /dev/rwd1.
Otherwise, I don't understand your suggestion.  I will make sure that
I have a sane disklabel on the card and try again.

> > How do you do this with windows 2000?
> uhm. insert it. find the drive and right click on it and click
> format.  you can also format it under windows ce via a similar
> method.

I tried this, and the format did not succeed.  I got a status bar that
showed progress from 0->100%, but then got a popup saying "format
failed" or something.  Other than that, I got no useful error message,
and I was not able to access the card afterwards from windows.

I suppose that I must have setup the partition table incorrectly