Subject: Re: Ultra-light notebook recommendations
To: None <,>
From: Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 07/08/2002 10:17:56
> If you're serious about only needing a small display, and battery life
> is top priority, take a look at IBM's workpad z50.

or, if you want a brand-new x86 laptop that's the same size as the z50, look
at this:

it's the Japan-only IBM S30 (who'd have thought IBM would have Japan-only

it's got a 1024x768 screen, 802.11b (optional, in place of 10/100 ethernet),
2.5" HDD, up to 256MB RAM, and a 600MHz processor.
and it's no bigger than my z50, and battery life looks to be almost as good
(6hrs standard, 10hrs with extended battery [so they say, at least]).

looks like they keyboard layout kind of sucks, compared to the z50 tho, and
new IBM laptops just don't have anywhere near the keyboard quality they used
to. :( :( (my z50 is a joy to type on, whereas new IBM laptops are nothing
special compared to other manufacturers).

the big win for this thing over the z50 would be that suspend mode probably
works properly; and you can directly boot the OS of your choice, without
needing Wince to load from.

it's kinda pricey tho, starting at $2200, and accessories cost an arm and a

Carl Soderstrom.
Network Engineer
Real-Time Enterprises