Subject: Re: 1.6B & Z50 vrdsiu_mouse?
To: Greg Hughes <>
From: Chris Vandomelen <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 07/02/2002 07:17:42
> I am not sure why you are able to build the kernel yet not have TrackPoint
> support activated.  Where are you building the kernel?  On the z50 itself or
> are you cross-compiling it from another NetBSD machine?

Cross-compiled from NetBSD/x86. I made sure to build the new 'config'
utility to make sure that I would be able to compile the kernel. (I had
simply figured that it was a good idea to build
syssrc/usr.sbin/config before trying to build a new kernel.)

> If you are cross-compiling, you need to make sure that you export
> "MACHINE=hpcmips" before you make the kernel (put this in your build script,

The first line of the 'hpcmips-make' script that isn't a comment is as

> As a last resort, there may be some option that you are unknowningly
> compiling into the kernel that steals the interrupt line or address range
> for the TrackPoint.  Perhaps you could send me a copy of the configuration
> file you are using to compile the kernel if to other suggestions don't work.

.. If you want to look at it, it's located at