Subject: Re: 1.6B & Z50 vrdsiu_mouse?
To: Chris Vandomelen <>
From: Greg Hughes <>
List: port-hpcmips
Date: 07/02/2002 10:04:21

I grabbed the latest code from CVS (as of mid-day yesterday) and built and
booted the 1.6B kernel on my z50.  Everything works as expected, including
the TrackPoint.  I did not have to make any modifications to the kernel
configuration files.

I am not sure why you are able to build the kernel yet not have TrackPoint
support activated.  Where are you building the kernel?  On the z50 itself or
are you cross-compiling it from another NetBSD machine?

If you are compiling on the z50 itself, perhaps it is your older userland
utilities that are getting confused by the new-style kernel configuration
file?  I am not sure why it would even compile in that case, however.

If you are cross-compiling, you need to make sure that you export
"MACHINE=hpcmips" before you make the kernel (put this in your build script,
e.g.) because IIRC, this is used to determine which components of the kernel
should be included in the build.  I don't recall if that export is in the
hpcmips-make script that is out there, which is why I mention it.

As a last resort, there may be some option that you are unknowningly
compiling into the kernel that steals the interrupt line or address range
for the TrackPoint.  Perhaps you could send me a copy of the configuration
file you are using to compile the kernel if to other suggestions don't work.

- Greg

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From: "Chris Vandomelen" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2002 6:30 PM
Subject: 1.6B & Z50 vrdsiu_mouse?

> This is an interesting little problem. I'm trying to get the Z50 mouse
> driver working on a 1.6B kernel (which runs all of my 1.5.2 binaries, so
> -- and yes, I know I should compile a new userland to go with it -- I'm
> not too terribly worried about it. I'm only using 1.6B because my NIC
> works with it, and doesn't work at all with 1.5.2).
> The appropriate configuration lines from my 1.5.2 kernel, with a working
> trackpoint driver are:
> vrdsiu* at vrip? addr 0x0b0001a0 size 0x20 intr 21
> wsmouse*        at      vrdsiu? mux 0
> The corresponding lines from the 1.6B kernel (with a non-working
> trackpoint) are:
> vrdsiu_mouse* at vr4102ip? addr 0x0b0001a0 size 0x20
> wsmouse*        at      vrdsiu_mouse? mux 0
> 'dmesg' on the machine reports:
> vrdsiu_mouse0 at vr4102ip0 addr 0xb0001a0-01bf: can't map interrupt line
> Adding a 'intr 21' to the end of the 'vrdsiu_mouse*' line gets me an error
> of 'extraneous locator: intr'.
> Any solutions?
> Chris