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Re: Trouble Cross-compiling for hpcarm (seems related to lang/gcc2)

Ax0n <ax0n%h-i-r.net@localhost> wrote:
>I currently have three NetBSD/hpcarm systems stuck on NetBSD 6.1 due to the
>lack of binary packages in pkgsrc. I'd love to move them over to 7.0.1. I
>am trying to build hpcarm binaries under NetBSD-7.0.1/amd64 and I've run
>into the same trouble as outlined at the bottom of this page by Silas Cou:
>This is on a fresh install of NetBSD/amd64. I unpacked pkgsrc from inside
>the installer, then followed the instructions outlined here:

What have you got built so far ?


>mk.conf is as follows (comments stripped for brevity)
>.if !empty(USE_CROSS_COMPILE:M[yY][eE][sS])

This line should be 'earmv4' not 'arm'.

>TOOLDIR= /usr/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-7.0.1-amd64
>CROSS_DESTDIR= /usr/obj/destdir.hpcarm

I would delete your TOOLDIR and CROSS_DESTDIR and start again with
the new value for MACHINE_ARCH.

Robert Swindells

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