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Linksys wpc11 rev3 not working

Hello there port-hpcarm folks.
I've given my jornada another try this morning at school (damnit, i
*want* to stay online also when i'm at school), got my linksys WPC11
rev3 card and plugged it into the jornada (who is running NetBSD

The card is driven by the wi driver.

No strange dmesg message appeared, card gets recognized and configured
properly (device is created, it's configurable) and even leds work (I
can turn leds and the card itself on and off doing ifconfig wi

Problems come when i try to connect to a network: firstly, typing a

root@jordana ~ # ifconfig wi0 list scan

enters in a sort of sleep state: ifconfig runs, no output is
displayed, no input is accepted. I can only kill the command doing

Secondly, also detecting the net from an external host (and the
configuring networking with something like ifconfig wi0 ssid
"a_network") leads to nothing. Configuration works (ifconfig seems to
work properly, but i can't get any sort of ping answer - and yes,
settings are correct, i use same settings on my other linux laptop).

Any hints ?
Thanks for them in advance :)

Emanuele Santoro

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