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Re: Best wireless card for HP Jornada 728


Sorry for the (very) late reply. I only have experience with one card.

I use a LinkSys WPC11 v3 on my Jornada 720 under NetBSD with no problem.

The only trouble with the card is that the CE drivers are quite old and don't have WPA funcionality (strangely enough the Windows XP drivers for the card do). It should be fine if you only use it for BSD though.

I bought version 3 of this card as there are reports that version 4 has issues as it is (apparently) a completely different card.

Hope this helps.

Emanuele Santoro wrote:
Hello there!
My HP Jornada 728 was finally shipped this morning, and now I'm
wondering about which is the best card to use under NetBSD (and/or Linux).

So, what to look for ?

Thanks, Emanuele Santoro

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