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Re: Building hpcboot with eVC++4

On Sunday 10 February 2008 21:58, Rafal Boni wrote:
> Folks:
>       It looks like eMbedded Visual C++ 3 is no longer downloadable from
> Microsoft, and it's been long enough since I peeked at NetBSD/hpc that I
> couldn't find the copy I'd once downloaded (it's probably on the
> now-deceased laptop, now that I think about it ;)).
> The two biggest reasons for needing to generate new project files for
> eVC++ 4 are (a) the target names changed for many of the supported CPU
> families, and (b) evC++ 4 generates binaries incompatible with WinCE 3.0
> by default.
> The following set of patches let me build a copy of hpcboot with evC++ 4
> targetted for ARM (it even runs!); it probably will also work for
> SH3/SH4.  I'm not sure if hpcmips uses hpcboot anymore (there's a
> pointer to pbsdboot in the README), but the MIPS configuration is
> missing since I wasn't sure what CPU level we should be targetting.
> Feedback welcome.. I'd like to eventually check this in so the next
> lurker into that part of the tree doesn't have to go searching for tools
> that aren't published anymore.
> --rafal
I just had almost the same problem: I needed to recompile hpcboot for mips and 
I found the Visual C++ 3 here: 


Risto Sainio

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