Subject: New Installation image for hpcarm
To: None <>
From: Jason Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 04/04/2007 02:45:04

	I've just finished creating an installation image for NetBSD 3.0.2 on the
hpcarm platform. The files can be downloaded from here: There are three files:

JINSTAL3.gz (the installation kernel)
JINS3PT2.FS (a disk image that's loaded by JINSTAL3.gz)
hpcboot.exe (the program that you use to launch JINSTAL3.gz from WinCE)

	These three files need to be copied to a DOS partition on a CF card. I'd
recommend a DOS partition of 15Mbytes, leaving the rest for NetBSD. If you
want to back up any files on your Jornada, please do so now, the next step
will erase the contents of your Jornada's memory.

	Launch hpcboot.exe and select JINSTAL3.gz as your kernel and pick boot..
Make sure you select "\Storage Card" as the device to launch from if you're
using the English version of the Jornada. Otherwise select the equivalent in
your Jornada's language.

	After a few seconds, you should see the NetBSD boot messages identifying
the hardware in your Jornada. Then you'll see an error message: "/etc/pwd.db
not found" and then: "Enter pathname of shell or press RETURN for /bin/sh:"
Hit enter/return. You'll see "vnd0 no disk label" four times with a "...
vnd0 ... device busy" error message in the middle. Then a "#" prompt.

	The installation kernel now supports ethernet cards (those associated with
the ne0 device in NetBSD) and wireless cards (those associated with an0 and
wi0). If you need to configure encryption to access your wireless network,
you should do so using the ifconfig command now. If you want to see what
wireless networks are available, "wiconfig an0 -D" or "wiconfig wi0 -D"
should show you. (Note: you may need to specify the directory for the
wiconfig app, i.e. /vnd/wiconfig)

	Now you can type "sysinst" which will load the NetBSD installation program.
A few notes (the installation messages referenced are in English:

You want to install to wd0, not vnd0 (that's the disk image JINS3PT2.FS).
You want to choose "Edit Partition Table" not "Use Entire Disk" -- you still
will need hpcboot.exe to launch NetBSD from WinCE
If you choose to install via a network, you'll need to change the base
directory from: "pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-3.0.2_PATCH" to "pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-3.0.2"
or "pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-3.1". I've tested both of these. I believe upgrading
an existing NetBSD installation will work as well, but I haven't tested that
yet. From this point, you should just need to press enter a few times as
sysinst finishes certain stages of the installation.

	When sysinst finishes, don't choose reboot from the main menu. Choose "Exit
the Installation System". Mount your root partition, e.g.:"mount /dev/wd0
/mnt" and copy the kernel from the root partition to your dos partition,
e.g. "cp /mnt/netbsd /dos". Now type "alldone". Then you can reboot your

	When your Jornada restarts, (you'll have to remove all the batteries to get
the contrast back to normal), run hpcboot.exe from the flash card and change
the kernel to "netbsd".

	I think this outlines the basics. Please email any questions to
"" so I (or someone else who reads the list) can
answer them.

Jason M.