Subject: Re: Psion Netbook support?
To: None <>
From: David Given <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/22/2007 14:37:56
fooboo wrote:
> Would you mind sending me a copy of your os.img? How big is it?

Very, I'm afraid.

In fact, my osimg is very similar to the sargebook standard image --- I j=
recompiled the kernel to include swap support (which is harder than it lo=

Basic instructions (I know you know this, I just want to spell it out a b=

- format a CF card with #1 as a FAT16 filesystem, #2 as an ext3 filesyste=
- remember to put a journal on the ext3 filesystem with tune2fs -J.
- put SargeBook_v5_os.img on #1 called os.img.
- uncompress the userland of your choice onto #2 (such as
- insert card into *left* slot of netbook.
- leave *right* slot empty.
- boot.

Particular gotchas is the ext3 journal thing, as it won't boot without it=
, and
that the boot loader thinks the left slot is #0 and the right slot is #1,=
Linux thinks it's the other way round, so if you have any cards in the ri=
slot Linux won't find the CF card in the left slot.

The card will appear as /dev/hda or not at all.

Do join the linux-7110-psion mailing list --- I'm sure all the NetBSD peo=
are sick of this by now (or are giggling quietly to themselves)...

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