Subject: Re: Problem with a corrupted disklabel
To: Mark Kirby <>
From: Richard Danter <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 05/11/2006 15:35:19
Mark Kirby said the following:
> On Thursday 11 May 2006 11:46, Richard Danter wrote:
>> Robert Swindells said the following:
>>> Your problem is that NetBSD/i386 uses 16 partitions, NetBSD/hpcarm only
>>> 8, so the disklabels don't match up.
>> Thanks Robert. How do I recover this? I tried to edit the disklabel to
>> give it just 8 partitions but that did not work (same error). Is there
>> something else I need to do? Did I miss something when I set this up to
>> end up with 16 instead of 8 partitions??
> Hi,
> This is how i disklabeled my flash disk.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the link. Problem is that my partitions are already made and
disklabel does not seem to let me delete them. Is there a way to get the
CF back to how it was before I installed NetBSD on it so I can go
through the process again?

Could it be that there is something else wrong with the disk label?