Subject: success story
To: None <>
From: leboucher nicolas <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 05/01/2006 15:58:22

I've spent a lot of time porting the debian linux distro on my jornada 720,
and i recently try netbsd 3.0 on it. Here is my config :
jornada 720 with 1Gb compact flash (boot disk ) and 1Gb ibm microdrive (  a
500Mb dos partition for files and a 500Mb bsd partition with a 50 Mb swap
file, and place for the pkgsrc distfiles ). I also use a buffalo pcmcia wifi
card which works well.
I've installed the pkgsrc files, and was able to compile libpng, libungif,
tiff, jpeg, xpm, oroborus ( light window manager ), rxvt, ion ( another
light window manager ).
I m now compiling perl 5.8.8

My main purpose is first to build as much binary packages as possible
directly on my pocket pc.

Netbsd enthousiast from France