Subject: Re: NetBSD versions
To: Michael Blatt <>
From: mark <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/19/2006 11:35:11
Michael Blatt wrote:

>Hi all,
>Just had a thought, related to disk space usage and the like.
>The way I understand is that at the moment 3 versions of NetBSD are
>being maintained: the 2.0.x branch, the 2.1.x branch, and 3.x.
>What are the main differences that would affect the Jornada? The
>changelog suggests very little. Specifcally, what matters to me most
>- X11 with touchscreen
>- PCMCIA support (my Linksys WPC11 was supported with 1.5.1 so this
>should not be an issue, but that was hpcmips)
>- IPSec and/or WPA
>I assume that 2.0.x and 2.1 would take up less space than 3.0?
>Given the above, would anyone say I'm still better off using 3.0? What
>version are you guys using on your Jornada?
I'm running current on mine. Im not sure how much it has diverged from 
the 3.0 branch. I now one person who is running some version of 2.0 and 
that works fine.

X11 works fine, and i would guess your Linksys will too.

I dont know anything about IPSec or Wpa.

Hope this helps some.