Subject: Re: iPAQ h3630
To: None <>
From: Marco Hafke <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 12/16/2005 11:00:01
> The binary of hpcboot.exe is uuencoded when it is stored in CVS so
> that it only uses printable ascii characters.
> You would need to uudecode the file. The uudecode command is available
> on all NetBSD systems, or search google for a Windows version.

Ah, I see! I usually use FreeBSD and I now learned, that uudecode is
also available on FreeBSD systems ;-)

> We ought to be copying a decoded version of hpcboot into the installation
> directory. We ought to build installation kernels too, but that wouldn't
> help you as you don't want to install to a storage card right now.

I now bought a expansion sleeve for CF cards (ebay always helps ;-)) and
a storage card. So I'm going to try when I get the expansion kit.

Does NetBSD hpcarm support Bluetooth? That would be very nice! ;-)

Thanks a lot for helping!

Marco Hafke