Subject: Jornada 720 Installation Instructions, and hanging kernel
To: None <>
From: Martin Baute <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/22/2005 17:05:58
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I'm trying to install NetBSD on my Jornada 720. The best I could find
on the net in regards to installation instructions was the OnLamp tutorial
and that isn't much as it's quite dated.

Using a laptop booted with a NetBSD 2.0 LiveCD, I followed the instructions
in that tutorial as to how to disklabel the CF card. (I felt unsure about
the 4.2BSD format; I seem to remember that has been updated to 4.4 sometime?)

I then took the 2.0 hpcarm CD, and (with quite some trickery as the LiveCD
reported that /tmp was full) unpacked all the *.tgz sets to the CF card.
I skipped the, postinstall, and pax part mentioned in the tutorial,
as I guessed that was already done by those assembling the hpcarm release CD.

I ran /mnt/jornada/dev/MAKEDEV, created /mnt/jornada/etc/fstab as indicated,
added the kernel and hpcboot.exe (build 12) to the DOS partition, symlinked
the kernel to /mnt/jornada/netbsd, unmounted everything and tried to boot
the thing in my Jornada 720.

After some tinkering (my Jornada is German locale, and hpcboot doesn't
offer \Speicherkarte as directory option) I got to the point where hpcboot
asks me if I really want to boot.

If I press "Ja" ("yes"), the Jornada freezes. (And yes, I waited quite some
time to make sure.) When I reset, I get the overly bright screen. (I tried
both "Jornada 720" and "Jornada 720 (Japanese)", gzipped and ungzipped kernel,
the older 2001 kernel from the hpcarm HowTo-Page, same result everytime.)

This is the bootlog. Any hints on what I might have done wrong, or should
try next?

(If I get through this, I'll write a new install-howto for this beast...)

-------8< begin of bootlog.txt >8-------------------------------

[progress] 0
[progress] 1
ARM architecture.
MemoryManager: LockPages
FileManager: FAT
hpcboot build number: 12
HP Jornada 720 (Japanese) (cpu=0x0c108000 machine=0x02c20202)
[progress] 2
[0] 0xc0000000 size 0x08000000
[1] 0xc8000000 size 0x08000000
[2] 0xd0000000 size 0x08000000
[3] 0xd8000000 size 0x08000000
_WIN32_WCE = 211
Windows CE 3.0
wProcessorArchitecture      0x5
wProcessorLevel             0x4
wProcessorRevision          0x8
dwPageSize                  0x1000
dwAllocationGranularity     0x00010000
dwProcessorType             0xa11
Display: 640x240 16bpp
Reg0 :6901b118
Reg1 :c002327f
Reg2 :c002327f
Reg3 :00000001
Reg5 :c0023007
Reg6 :01fb1058
CPSR :2000001f
[progress] 3
[progress] 4
open file "\Speicherkarte\netbsd.gz"(959213 byte).
[progress] 5
Loader: ELF
[progress] 6
file size: +0x1b5b84+0x48a20+[(symbol block: header 472 symbol 83824 string 68939 byte) = 0x25693] = 0x224693 byte
address translation table 560 pages.(4480 byte)
allocated 560 page. mapped 560 page.
[progress] 7
2nd bootloader vaddr=0x0030f000 paddr=0xc1d2d000
2nd bootloader copy done.
[progress] 8
[0] vaddr 0xc0100000 file size 0x1b5b84 mem size 0x1b5b84
        ->load 0xc0100000+0x001b5b84=0xc02b5b84 ofs=0x00008000+0x1b5b84
[1] vaddr 0xc02bdb84 file size 0x48a20 mem size 0x93258
        ->load 0xc02bdb84+0x00093258=0xc0350ddc ofs=0x001bdb84+0x48a20
[zero clear] ->0xc03065a4+0x0004a838=0xc0350ddc
        ->load 0xc0350ddc+0x000001d8=0xc0350fb4
        ->load 0xc0350fb4+0x00014770=0xc0365724 ofs=0x00206bfc+0x14770
        ->load 0xc0365724+0x00010d4b=0xc037646f ofs=0x0021b36c+0x10d4b
[progress] 9
load link 552 zero clear link 1.
kernel entry address: 0xc0100000
framebuffer: 640x240 type=5 linebytes=1280 addr=0x48200000
console = 1
[progress] 10

--------8< end of bootlog.txt >8--------------------------------

Martin Baute

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