Subject: Re: NetBSD 2 installation on a Jornada 720
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/12/2005 14:55:53
Brad Spencer <> wrote:

>   3. Rebooting seems to be a problem. It seems to do a complete reset 
>   which means I have to recalibrate the screen, enter date/time and 
>   restart the kernel. I also seem to have to unplug the poer and batteries 
>   for a while to be able to read the screen (it's too bright). Am I doing 
>   something wrong? Should I ever need to reboot?
> It has always been a problem rebooting the Jornada.  This is probably why
> mine never reboots into MSWIN-CE...

Someone should write machine dependent parts of kloader(4) for hpcarm.
Very handy when you need to try new kernels - you don't waste time on
going through WinCE to boot a new one.

SY, Uwe
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