Subject: Re: NetBSD 2 installation on a Jornada 720
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/12/2005 09:46:02
   Hi Brad et al,


   I now have my Jornada booted up and I am able ro log in as root just 
   fine. I have also created a user account. But now I have a few more 
   questions - hope you don't mind!

   1. When logged in as a normal user, I would expect to be able to 'su -' 
   to become root. The user is in the 'wheel' group, but all I get is 
   "Sorry" and I am back at my user prompt. Any ideas why? This seems to 
   work fine on my laptop.

I would double check the group permissions.  What you are trying to do
should function correctly, assuming that the group is set up right.

   2. I have a Socket LP-E ethernet card plugged in on the PCMCIA card slot 
   and it is configured and working fine. If I remove the card (whilst 
   power is on) I see some messages about it being unplugged, and when I 
   insert it again I get more messages saying it has seen the card. Problem 
   is that card doesn't seem to be configured. I have tried 'ifconfig up 
   ne0" but I get an error (not configured). So it looks like the only way 
   to get it back is by rebooting. Is there another way? This leads to 
   question 3...

I think I might have one of these...  When you plug it in, you should see
a 'ne0 ...' type message.  You could also do a 'ifconfig -a', and if ne0
does not show up, then the device was not configured.

Depending on what kernel generation you are using, if you do not see such
a message, then I would suspect that you might be suffering from the same
memory allocation problem that is plaguing the USB umass devices.  [It
goes something like, kernel memory fragments just enough so that the
buffers needed for the umass device can not be allocated when the device
is inserted.  I think I remember reading on one of the other NetBSD lists
when they were talking about this for USB devices that it might be
possible to have this happen on Cardbus and PCMCIA device as well,
although I have never see the problem with Cardbus or PCMCIA myself].

I am using an older kernel generation and have not seen this problem with
PCMCIA stuff, but the network card stays in most of the time around here.

What you might try, is reboot without the card inserted.  When NetBSD is
up, insert the card.  You should see the 'ne0 ...' message.  Remove the
card.  Let things settle some.  Reinsert the card.  If you do not see the
'ne0 ...' message then it probably isn't memory fragmentation but
something else.

   3. Rebooting seems to be a problem. It seems to do a complete reset 
   which means I have to recalibrate the screen, enter date/time and 
   restart the kernel. I also seem to have to unplug the poer and batteries 
   for a while to be able to read the screen (it's too bright). Am I doing 
   something wrong? Should I ever need to reboot?

It has always been a problem rebooting the Jornada.  This is probably why
mine never reboots into MSWIN-CE...

   I have more questions, but they can wait - maybe I can answer them 
   myself anyway.


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