Subject: xmodmap can't find display HP720
To: None <>
From: tman <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 05/15/2004 14:12:41
# uname -a
NetBSD bug 2.0B NetBSD 2.0B (JORNADA720) #0

Having trouble getting X to work on my Jornada 720. I compiled X from
xsrc (1.6). My userland and kernel were 1.6ZK from releng. Ran startx.
Hit any key once, characters went runaway, appearing without stopping,
on xterm screen. I applied yongjhen's patch from
<>  from message and
recompiled the kernel (I only had a 2.0B machine available to build on,
so now I have a 2.0B kernel). When I try to load yongjhen's keymap from
<> running xmodmap I
get a "can't find display" error. What version kernel and userland is
most stable and works for Jornada720 running X? Thanks for any help!