Subject: netbsd run on a Ipaq 5400 series
To: None <>
From: nobodyknow <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 03/16/2004 16:18:32
Does netbsd run on a Ipaq 5400 series?!?!

I'm trying to boot the system with hcpboot.exe; it's frooze 
the machine screen, not talk in the serial port, and the 
output of the logfile is finished with the line: 
framebuffer=3D240X320 type=3D6 linebytes=3D0 addr=3D0x00000000console 
=3D 1

The file with I'm trying to boot is

So, I'm doing something worng?!?! What the next step?!?!

Thankx for your attention, help-me...


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