Subject: Re: Supported Devices Jornada 720
To: K.A.Braselmann <>
From: Michael W. Lucas <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/22/2004 08:32:00
On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 08:59:24AM +0100, K.A.Braselmann wrote:
> At home & work i'm working with FreeBSD since 3 years. 

You won't have any trouble, except for the occasional minor difference
between FreeBSD & NetBSD.  The hardest problem I face is the
difference in the default shell settings.  :-)

> Which devices are actually supported? ALL?
> 	- the integrated audio (recording/playback)?

Doesn't work.

> 	- which Wi-Fi Cards (D-Link?)

Anything NetBSD supports works on hpcarm.  That's what portability is
about.  :-)

> 	- Bluetooth keys/dongles at the USB Port?

Standard NetBSD USB support, check the main NetBSD docs for Bluetooth.
I don't own any Bluetooth support (or any USB kit, actually), so never
cared to check it out.

> 	- Irda?

Dunno, sorry.

> As far as i understood can i use the packages (precompiled) software, 
> like under FreeBSD. But when i want/need to compile from pkgsrc where do 
> i do that? On the Jornada or on a i386 NetBSD system or possibly on my 
> FreeBSD-4.9 Box?

Packages cannot be cross-compiled.  I NFS mount /usr/pkgsrc and build
there, as the second article in that series you read says.  Packages
can take a long time to build, but palmtops are perfectly happy
working through the night.  :-)


Michael Lucas,
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