Subject: Supported Devices Jornada 720
To: NetBSD hpcarm <>
From: K.A.Braselmann <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/22/2004 08:59:24
Hi there,

i'm just looking for a mobile companion. Found the very interesting
article of Michael Lucas at about the Jornada & NetBSD 
hpcarm. In the fact that don't need a modem, the 710 seems suitable.

At home & work i'm working with FreeBSD since 3 years. 

So i have some question regarding the 710 & hpcarm, because i coulnd't 
find any further information after googling/

Which devices are actually supported? ALL?

	- the integrated audio (recording/playback)?
	- which Wi-Fi Cards (D-Link?)
	- Bluetooth keys/dongles at the USB Port?
	- Irda?

As far as i understood can i use the packages (precompiled) software, 
like under FreeBSD. But when i want/need to compile from pkgsrc where do 
i do that? On the Jornada or on a i386 NetBSD system or possibly on my 
FreeBSD-4.9 Box?

ThX for your patience.

André Braselmann
EastFrisia, Germany
use our GPG key: 028CD383