Subject: hpcboot.exe hangs on Jornada 720
To: None <>
From: Hernani Marques Madeira <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/17/2004 23:43:41
Hello @ all!

I've bought a HP Jornada 720 to install netbsd on it. It's a 
germanised model, with german keyboard layout.

I've also got an Apacer '512MB' Apacer CF card, that I
partitioned as follows:
~5 megs MSDOS (sector 63 to 10199)
rest 4.2BSD (sector 10200 to endOfDisk)

On sector 0 I've set up a partition table using fdisk. I've
registered a MBR type 1 (FAT12) 'partition' there;
it's the above MSDOS one -- otherwise WindowsCE
wants to format the whole CF card.

Using one of my i386 machines I've crosscompiled (using a
hpcarm distribution that's now on the cf card.

On the MSDOS partition I've put on the freshly compiled hpcarm netbsd
kernel and the hpcboot.exe utility.

I got all files via cvsup (sources from the 15th of this month).
Even hpcboot.exe is from then and there (hpcboot.exe.uu => hpcboot.exe).

Hmm, I've tried hpcboot.exe with the following settings:
\speicherkarte\ netbsd # "speicherkarte" german for "storage card" :-)
HP Jornada 720 || HP Jornada 720 (Japanese) # I tested both

root file system
(*)wd ()sd ()md ()nfs

All other settings are on their defaults.

The problem now is that when I press [BOOT] and say yes to:
"Data in memory will be lost. Are you sure?"

as I do for the next question:
"Last chance...
Push OK to boot."

the program just hangs! The image is then frozen and I have to
remove the rechargeable battery to get back to Windows CE. There's
no data loss then...

I've done the whole process practically the same as described here:

Ah, if it helps: it's Windows CE v3.0 that's installed there.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!