Subject: Re: two X troubles
To: Michael W . Lucas <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 04/17/2003 00:56:34
> /dev/wsmouse0: Permission denied

chmod 666 /dev/wsmouse0

> I tried using xdm at boot, from rc.conf, but the console simply locked
> up.  I thought that xdm might be on another virtual console, but it
> appears that the ctrl-alt-pseudofunctionkey part of wscons doesn't
> work with hpcarm.

Yes, we should add support for this. Current status is not very nice.
There are other must-have however. I'd rather work on sound or power
management if I had some spare time.

> Any suggestions on how to best run X as a regular user?

I use startx. No problem.

> When I get X/twm up and running as root, and get an xterm firing, I
> can't actually type anything.  Most keys have no effect, but a few
> make the occasional backslash or other symbol appear. 

Huh. That one is surprising. Does the 728 has a different keyboard
layout than the 720?

Emmanuel Dreyfus