Subject: Re: installing Jornada 728
To: Michael W . Lucas <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 03/26/2003 14:48:35
On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 02:16:17PM -0500, Michael W . Lucas wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a Jornada 728, 512MB flash card, and network cards for NetBSD,
> but have a question on how to actually use this.  I'm certain I'm
> missing something obvious here, but simply cannot wrap my feeble brain
> around it.
> According to the mailing list archives, one easy way to install NetBSD
> is to just put the flash card in another system and fdisk, disklabel,
> then install=/mnt .  If you do that, though, how do you
> actually use hpcboot.exe to boot it?  Do you, say, unionfs mount the
> ufs partition over a FAT partition containing the kernel so the root
> partition comes out correct?
> The way documented on
> documents using a
> filesystem image, which is "coming soon."
> Obviously I'm missing something.  Personally, I'd rather use the first
> method, as I'm sure there is some clever way to boot the system.

As Uwe said, you should make a FAT filesystem with hpcboot.exe and the
NetBSD kernel on it.
> As a side point: when I reset my Jornada into WinCE, the screen comes
> back unusably bright.  Brightness resetting tools in WinCE don't seem
> to help.  I've seen the same issue in the archives, but haven't seen a
> solution.  Anyone know a solution?

When I reset the Jornada into WinCE, mine does the same. I have found
two solutions to this:

1. never resetting into WinCE, and
2. by removing battery and backup battery, and then replacing them
   and booting up through WinCE again.