Subject: installing Jornada 728
To: None <>
From: Michael W . Lucas <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 03/24/2003 14:16:17
Hi folks,

I have a Jornada 728, 512MB flash card, and network cards for NetBSD,
but have a question on how to actually use this.  I'm certain I'm
missing something obvious here, but simply cannot wrap my feeble brain
around it.

According to the mailing list archives, one easy way to install NetBSD
is to just put the flash card in another system and fdisk, disklabel,
then install=/mnt .  If you do that, though, how do you
actually use hpcboot.exe to boot it?  Do you, say, unionfs mount the
ufs partition over a FAT partition containing the kernel so the root
partition comes out correct?

The way documented on documents using a
filesystem image, which is "coming soon."

Obviously I'm missing something.  Personally, I'd rather use the first
method, as I'm sure there is some clever way to boot the system.

As a side point: when I reset my Jornada into WinCE, the screen comes
back unusably bright.  Brightness resetting tools in WinCE don't seem
to help.  I've seen the same issue in the archives, but haven't seen a
solution.  Anyone know a solution?



Michael Lucas,

           Absolute BSD: