Subject: Re: installing NetBSD on Jornada 820
To: None <>
From: Armijn Hemel <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/22/2003 17:16:47

[argh, hate replying to myself]

> I recently took over administration in a lab and found about 6 Jornada 820
> machines. Because they're not useful at all right now (collecting dust or
> worse) and basically, no one cares (or even knows) about these machines,
> I want to do some useful stuff with it.
> I read that booting from a memory card is easiest, but, ehrm...I don't
> think any of these machines has one...
> What kind of cards have to go in there exactly? Could I alternatively use
> a USB disk (you know, these pendrives) or won't that work? If not, what
> kind of card should I get (size, etc.) and will the procedure as described
> on work with the 820?

Some further digging in a locker gave me a user's guide. So, it's
CompactFlash Type II. Tomorrow we'll try to get it booting...but still,
is the install procedure as described on that website the right one?


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