Subject: Routines to set brightness and contrast
To: None <>
From: Jason Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/17/2003 18:13:02
I was searching for ways to set the brightness and contrast (so as to avoid
having to do the battery dance on every reboot) and found some code from the
Linux jornada 720 project that might do the trick. The file is jornada720.c
and it's at this web page:

I think all of the hardware references (GPRS, PPRS, etc.) are in SA-1100.h
which is in include/arm-asm/arch-sa1100 in the linux kernel itself. I can't
find an easy way to browse that, so I put those files here:

Unfortunately my C skills aren't good enough to take a crack at making this
work, but hopefully someone else who has the skills might benefit.

Jason M.