Subject: hpcarm distribution finished
To: None <>
From: Jason Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 01/07/2003 05:18:36
I've made some advances on the hpcarm distribution. I used crunchgen and now
I can fit everything inside the ramdisk. So you only need three files:
JINSTALL.gz  hpcboot.cnf  hpcboot.exe and you don't need run anything from
the dos partition. I've updated the installation instructions and attached
them at the bottom. I have two quick questions. First, sysinst checks to
make sure the following files have been unpacked:

/netbsd /etc /etc/fstab /sbin/init /bin/sh /etc/rc /etc/rc.subr /etc/rc.conf
/dev /dev/console /etc/fstab /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck_ffs /sbin/mount
/sbin/mount_ffs /sbin/mount_nfs

Of course the only one that isn't going to be there is /netbsd. Would it be
possible to add a zero byte /netbsd to one of the hpcarm distribution files
(base.tgz maybe)? It would make sysinst end a little nicer.

Second, I modified sysinst's md.c to automatically add a slice e for the DOS
partition. While this is nice, now that everything fits on the ramdisk it's
not necessary and sysinst may not be the best place to have that code.
Unless I hear otherwise I won't do any more work to clean it up (like having
it look for a dos partition in any of the four slots in the partition

Jason M.

Installation instructions

Create a DOS partition on a CF card of 5MB. Make sure it is the first
partition on the flash (Partition 0). Copy the files from: onto a DOS partition on a
flash card. If you cannot format your flash card outside your Jornada, then
you can copy the three files to the HPC and run them from there. They will
be erased when the kernel loads, but everything will be in RAM by then. If
you have WinCE data you want to keep -- back it up now! It will be gone
after the next step.

Run HPCboot.exe -- the directory should be set to \Storage Card (for
non-english users you'll need to substitute the appropriate localized name)
and the filename should be JINSTALL.gz. After 10 seconds it will start to
load the kernel (look for a blue guage near the top of the window). Before
it boots you'll get a prompt asking you to "Press OK to boot". This is your
last chance to save any Windows CE files.

After you press OK you should see a message on your screen within 10
seconds -- "Enter path to shell or press enter for /bin/sh". Press Enter.
Sysinst will then launch. You should be able to follow the menus through
until the end. There are a few things I should note.

First, if you choose one of the two prefined disk layouts (Standard or
Standard with X), slice e will be automatically set aside for the DOS
partition (but only if it is partition 0). This isn't absolutely necessary,
but it makes it easier to load a new kernel.

Second, if you are running the kernel from the HPC make sure you create a
DOS partition within sysinst finishes (but before you reboot). After sysinst
finishes use newfs_msdos to format it (e.g. newfs_msdos /dev/wd0e). It's a
lot harder to do this outside of sysinst.

Third, sysinst will end abruptly after complaining that the file system
failed a sanity check. This is normal.

Fourth, after sysinst finishes, you need to edit rc.conf. You can do this

chroot /mnt
vi /etc/rc.conf

Change rc_configured=NO to rc_configured=YES

You also can change the console to be the first wscons. In /dev

rm console
ln -s ttyE0 console.

This way boot messages will show up on the Jornada screen.