Subject: Re: Window Manager?
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 10/28/2002 14:43:17
On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 10:25:55PM -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:
>    1.  what window manager does everyone use?  I'm used to enlightenment
>    on all my other boxes, but somehow believe that's probably not a good
>    choice for the Jornada.  I'm looking for a wm with virtual desktops,
>    configurable, and not too bloated.  Something aimed at the hpc market
>    would be great (small, virtual windows, can use a pen as a pointer and
>    selector naturally), but I'm not holding my breath. If necessary, I
>    can package...
> I use piewm, which is a version of tvtwm, which is based upon the original
> twm window manager.  It is probably pretty primitive, but is quite
> functional, with a virtual desktop and either pulldown or pie menus that
> are completely configurable.

Thanks, I've had a look at the other window managers out there which
people recommended.  My informal and totally biased comments are:

twm - as found in Brad's X distro (thanks for that, Brad).  Sorry, but
I can't stand the interface.  Not an option.

matchbox - this looked the most promising from the DESCR files in
pkgsrc, but I didn't like it.  The build process was buggy for hpcarm
(I've fixed it now, sorry about that), mbmenu hung everything for me
(I had to log in via network and kill it), and mbdock took up too much
screen real estate for me.  (I should have mentioned that I don't want
title bars on my windows - I *know* an xterm is an xterm, and a title
is just a waste of space in my book). Uses xpm, and was not light enough
for my tastes.

ion - screen(1) like, and would be a possibility, if it weren't for the
fact that I couldn't work out what the damn hotkey was. Again, those title

pwm - I found this a bit rudimentary. ion would seem to have been built
upon pwm.

ratpoison - this was where I stopped looking - just like screen(1), but
uses Ctl-T instead of Ctl-A as the hotkey. Minimalist. Functional, and
designed to work without a pointer, although you can use one if you

So I'm happily using ratpoison now. I didn't get around to piewm, but
will do soon.
>    2.  are there any other terminal packages which do the "squashed text"
>    well, like the Jornada console, such that you can get 24 lines in 240
>    pixels?
> In X, the 5x8 font will produce an xterm that has 28 lines.  If you use
> the 6x10 font, you can get 22 lines.  I use both.

Interesting, thanks.
>    4. if not gprs, how do people connect up to the big bad world from their
>    hpcarm box? IR to a mobile phone? PC card modem?
> I am typing this right now on a J720 with a Lucent Wavelan gold card
> connected up to my home AP.  I'v used a NE2000 PCMCIA card with success,
> as well as 3com 'ed' driver cards.

A lot of people said they were using LAN cards - I am too, but I need
something for when I'm out and about, and someone calls me up and says
"look at my mail".  I suspect an interface to my mobile or a separate
GPRS card would do the job.
Which leads me onto a number of other questions - does anyone know what
it would take to get sound to work on these things?

Does anyone know what the state of play with APM is? I'd like the Jornada
to tell me it's about to die because my wife took out the plug and the
Wavelan card was still in there, eating up power.

My Jornada is a 728, and is supposed to have 64 MB. I've had a look
through the hpcboot sources, and they seem to imply that WinCE can only
handle 32 MB RAM. Anyone any ideas?

Have the hpcarm fixes for X been fed back into the tree? If someone
would like to forward them to me, I'll commit them.

Thanks once again for everyone's help. I'm so happy with this little
box now.