Subject: Re: Window Manager?
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: None <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 10/25/2002 13:18:27
>Thanks to the evangelism and patience Herb, I've stumped up the
>readies for an HP 720, put 1.6I on there, and with thanks to many
>people on the list here, now have X running, and the Fn key working
>enough to be able to use the '[', ']' et al keys. Kudos to you all -
>it's such a nice environment, especially with my wi0 card in there.
>Onto more mundane matters:
>1.  what window manager does everyone use?  I'm used to enlightenment
>on all my other boxes, but somehow believe that's probably not a good
>choice for the Jornada.  I'm looking for a wm with virtual desktops,
>configurable, and not too bloated.  Something aimed at the hpc market
>would be great (small, virtual windows, can use a pen as a pointer and
>selector naturally), but I'm not holding my breath. If necessary, I
>can package...

I'm using matchbox which is on the pkgsrc tree but I had to twick the Makefiles (CFLAG= -Os -> -O). Combined with mmouse from matchbox author but not in pkgsrc tree you'll get a tiny fully functional WM.

>2.  are there any other terminal packages which do the "squashed text"
>well, like the Jornada console, such that you can get 24 lines in 240
>3. is anyone using a gprs card with an hpcarm box? If so, which one, and
>any stories to tell, good or bad?
>4. if not gprs, how do people connect up to the big bad world from their
>hpcarm box? IR to a mobile phone? PC card modem?

My 3Com Megahertz 10/100 + modem just work fine as an ethernet card and modem (serial) device.

>5.  I've had good experience with 128 MB Memorex CF cards (again,
>thanks Herb), but bad experience with a Kingston 256 MB CF card.  Does
>anyone else have experience (good or bad, with different CF cards, so
>that I can make an informed purchase of something mondo for the
>Jornada.  Deleting binaries which won't get used loses its appeal
>after the second or third time.

Good exp. whith a "Dane+Elec" 640 MB CF card.
Work also fine with my old archos PC card IDE drive.
Small troubles:
 - the CF drive goes some time in timeout during boot, 
 - if both are plugged during boot, it will use the PC card as the boot device.

>6. Has anyone used a "PC card to VGA out" adapter? I'd like to be able
>to have that kind of functionality. HP make one, and a glance across
>the net via Google shows someone able to use an iPAQ with such a card,
>and I wanted to know if we had a driver for it, etc.
>Thanks for all your help up to now. This is such a cute little box.

As already mentionned on the list, it just missed the sound driver (already on linux port) and the builtin V90 modem :-).


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