Subject: Re: Window Manager?
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 10/24/2002 22:25:55
   Thanks to the evangelism and patience Herb, I've stumped up the
   readies for an HP 720, put 1.6I on there, and with thanks to many
   people on the list here, now have X running, and the Fn key working
   enough to be able to use the '[', ']' et al keys. Kudos to you all -
   it's such a nice environment, especially with my wi0 card in there.

   Onto more mundane matters:

   1.  what window manager does everyone use?  I'm used to enlightenment
   on all my other boxes, but somehow believe that's probably not a good
   choice for the Jornada.  I'm looking for a wm with virtual desktops,
   configurable, and not too bloated.  Something aimed at the hpc market
   would be great (small, virtual windows, can use a pen as a pointer and
   selector naturally), but I'm not holding my breath. If necessary, I
   can package...

I use piewm, which is a version of tvtwm, which is based upon the original
twm window manager.  It is probably pretty primitive, but is quite
functional, with a virtual desktop and either pulldown or pie menus that
are completely configurable.

   2.  are there any other terminal packages which do the "squashed text"
   well, like the Jornada console, such that you can get 24 lines in 240

In X, the 5x8 font will produce an xterm that has 28 lines.  If you use
the 6x10 font, you can get 22 lines.  I use both.

   3. is anyone using a gprs card with an hpcarm box? If so, which one, and
   any stories to tell, good or bad?

   4. if not gprs, how do people connect up to the big bad world from their
   hpcarm box? IR to a mobile phone? PC card modem?

I am typing this right now on a J720 with a Lucent Wavelan gold card
connected up to my home AP.  I'v used a NE2000 PCMCIA card with success,
as well as 3com 'ed' driver cards.

   5.  I've had good experience with 128 MB Memorex CF cards (again,
   thanks Herb), but bad experience with a Kingston 256 MB CF card.  Does
   anyone else have experience (good or bad, with different CF cards, so
   that I can make an informed purchase of something mondo for the
   Jornada.  Deleting binaries which won't get used loses its appeal
   after the second or third time.

I'v only used Sandisk.  I have a 512MB card in my J720 and it appears to
work fine.

   6. Has anyone used a "PC card to VGA out" adapter? I'd like to be able
   to have that kind of functionality. HP make one, and a glance across
   the net via Google shows someone able to use an iPAQ with such a card,
   and I wanted to know if we had a driver for it, etc.

   Thanks for all your help up to now. This is such a cute little box.


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