Subject: Re: Re touch screen problem
To: None <>
From: James Vodanovich <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/31/2002 01:27:06
Thank you very much

chmod 0 /dev/wsmux0
and logined as a non root account
All is working

Once again thank you.
Thank you

>I think I may understand what is going on now...
>The X server tries the following:
>It tries to open /dev/wsmuxN
>Then, in a for loop, it will try to open:
>/dev/wskbdN, if it wasn't or didn't open before
>/dev/wsmouseN, if it wasn't or didn't open before
>So, if the open of /dev/wsmuxN fails, it will go ahead and open
>/dev/wsmouseN.  Since I don't run as root, and Xhpc isn't setuid root, the
>first always fails for me.  Are you running as root???
>    The relevant (perhaps) section of the ktrace
>      203 Xhpc     NAMI  "/dev/wsmux0"
>        203 Xhpc     RET   open 5
>        203 Xhpc     CALL  open(0xbfbfdbb4,0x2,0xbfbfdbbf)
>Ya, it succeeded in opening /dev/wsmux0.  That would not have happened for
>With the MERIADOC #7 or #8 kernels, if you remove /dev/wsmux* or chmod 0
>them, things are likely to work.

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