Subject: Re: More on the Jornada X touch screen problem
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/28/2002 18:44:29
   Brad Spencer <>  wrote:
    >    The differences I can see, from your set up and mine are:
    >    The Kernel I downloaded is MERIDOC 7
    > Ya, version 8 is a better attempt at getting the Fn key working in console
    > mode.  I made it yesterday.  I finally understood what the Mode_switch key
    > was for and how it relates to the keycode tables in the kernel.  I'll be
    > putting it up on the site in a bit and doing another PR on this topic.

   Have you noticed any oddness in the handling of the 'power' button
   of late?  Way back when, it would respond immediately and shut off, or
   at least go to sleep.  Now, it takes a number of presses and I get a
   keyboard error at the same time, on the console.


I am afraid I probably don't have enough history with the hpcarm plateform
to answer this.  With the build I have, I can press the on/off key and
then another key and the display will go black.  From the code, I am not
sure that the CPU is actually suspended, but judging from what seems to go
on while "off", I would suspect that it isn't.  I can press another key
and have it come back "on" again.

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