Subject: Re: Jornada X keyboard problems.
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/21/2002 12:35:50
   Brad Spencer <>  wrote:
    > This is an X server build from the latest xsrc code.  In that same
    > directory is all of my build of X11R6 on my Jornada.  You will see the
    > following:
    > X11R6_hpcarm_bin.tar.gz
    > X11R6_hpcarm_include.tar.gz
    > X11R6_hpcarm_lib.tar.gz
    > X11R6_hpcarm_man.tar.gz
    > X11R6_hpcarm_share.tar.gz

   got it. installed them all.


   it works great. Thanks!


   now to deal with the mouse buttons.

I found that piewm [linear and pie graph menus, virtual window management,
based on tvtwm, and hence, twm] has an option to do menu selection by a
single button click.  It has a couple of minor compile problems:

1) It wants the xpm library, but you can get this from pkgsrc.

2) The arguments to the m4 preprocessor include the '-s' option, which
isn't supported by our m4.  You will have to remove that from the m4
evocation line in the source code.

.. other then that, it compiled and worked fine.

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