Subject: Jornada 820 boot process..
To: None <>
From: John Mitchell <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/20/2002 09:37:15
Morning all,

     Just a couple of comments and questions to kick around.

    Does anyone else out there have a Jornada 820 they are attempting to 
get NetBSD to run on?

    Does anyone know of a setup that can be used/booted from a compact 
flash card that includes a root filesystem and kernel?

    I have been playing with the pre compiled 720 kernel, it boots on my 
820, but if I add a root fs to the mix it hangs when it starts looking 
at the root fs in the boot process. Any ideas what might be wrong?

   Will any of the NetBSD arm32 pre compiled binaries run on the 720 or 
the 820, or do I need a specific binary?

   Phew, okay last question. Would a kernel developer out there be 
willing to work on getting NetBSD to work on an 820 if I let him/her 
borrow my 820 to work on? I would be willing to do this, since I am 
pretty much useless for contributing back to the community in any other 
way besides whining.


    John P. Mitchell