Subject: Re: Jornada X keyboard problems.
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/20/2002 11:33:44
   Brad Spencer <>  wrote:
    > [A slightly related question]
    > Is it possible to make the touchscreen hold a "mouse" button down and not
    > just produce a quick click??  It is very hard to use the menus in twm,
    > xterm and probably emacs with just a button click??

   I was gonna go there next.  I was thinking we'd probably have to go 
   with a window manager that could use single button clicks with a desktop
   manager of some sort.  waste of real-estate however...

Ya..  I was hoping that I could see tvtwm and/or piewm.  Of course, if the
keyboard mouse worked, then that would be a way to get a "held down"

    > What I had noticed is that every key would repeat, apparently forever.
    > After some debugging statements were inserted into the Xhpc server, I also
    > noticed that the raw key codes being used by the X server did not match
    > any sort of reality that I could figure out.

   oh yeah. I forgot about that.  I put 'xset r off' in my .xinitrc to get
   over that.  Maybe that was foiling my attempts to debug my problem. Or
   rather, was a side-effect of the real problem. It stands to reason that
   if keypress/keyrelease events get out of sync, there'd be repetition.

I personally suspect that the keypress and release values were just wrong.
They didn't match anything I could understand, even when I hand applied
the code in the X server to the values I saw.  This is why I tried the
WSCONS way of doing things.  The IBM XT/AT way of doing things is just
plain strange.


    > On a hunch, I reenabled the use of /dev/wskbd in the Xhpc server, as that
    > appears to work on hpcarm.  Here is a little patch that you apply against
    > the file:
    > 	       xc/programs/Xserver/hw/netbsd/hpc/hpcInit.c

   Cool.  I'm not in a position to be able to compile Xhpc. Can you put a
   binary somewhere?

Sure...  try:

This is an X server build from the latest xsrc code.  In that same
directory is all of my build of X11R6 on my Jornada.  You will see the


Extract them into a /usr/X11R6/ directory.  Note that some of these are
quite large and my link to the Net is not that big.

   Thanks for the efforts.

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