Subject: Re: -currenter kernel.
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-hpcarm
Date: 08/16/2002 15:52:57
   Brad Spencer <>  wrote:


    > This is a 1.6E kernel from a short bit ago and is the one I am using on my
    > U.S. version of the Jornada.  It has a small number of unofficial changes
    > in it:

   So are you using X? I got X to come up. Very cool.  But the keyboard is 
   all frotzed in the xterms. 

I have not started to use X yet.  I am just about ready to try a compile,
however.  I had heard about the key code mapping issue.  Was there any
consensus as to how that should work??  Should the kernel present
"standard" key codes to the X server ["standard" meaning the same codes as
hpcmips, or an IBM-clone, or whatever], or should the X server just accept
the raw Jornada key codes??

   I'll play some more. this is metric-cool.

I noticed that there is a IPAC-centric UDA1341 driver in the tree.
According to the Linux folks this is the audio codec that is used in the
Jornada, as well.  Does this driver work on the IPAC??  It does not appear
to be present in any of the config file.

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